NU denounces Australian senator’s statement on Muslim migrants

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NU denounces Australian senator’s statement on Muslim migrants

Jakarta, NU Online (06 Oktober 2016 02:04)

The executive board of Nahdlatul Ulama Special Branch for Australia and New Zealand (PCI NU ANZ) has denounced the statement made by Australian Senator Pauline Hanson proposing a rule to stop Muslim migrants to Australia, Antara news agency reported.

The Hanson’s statement which demonstrated a lack of tolerance had the potential to sow hatred to Muslims in Australia, PCI NU ANZs rais aam syuriah (supreme leader) Prof Dr Nadirsyah Hosen said in a press statement released on Tuesday.

“Muslims in Australia have so far led a harmonious life, complied with rules and taken active part in social life,” said Hosen, who is also a senior lecturer of the school of law of Monash University.

The Hosen’s statement is an official stand of PCI NU ANZ which held a conference in Adelaide from October 1 to 2.

Besides appointing new members of the branchs executive board, the conference also discussed latest issues, including Muslim migrants in Australia and Frances burkini ban.

“PCI NU ANZ expresses regret over the fact that part of the French community does not tolerate the presence of female Muslims wearing burkini as part of diversity expression guaranteed by human rights,” he said.

The conference ended by issuing a nine-point recommendation, including a call for the UN to make constant effort to settle conflicts in the Middle East. (Masdar)


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